Givenchy Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Givenchy Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

The new season comes with plenty of pleasant surprises as far as makeup goes, so if you're ready to be dazzled by the upcoming season trends, check out Givenchy's upcoming spring 2012 makeup collection.

Makeup creative directors are constantly trying to reinvent new makeup looks that can help you reach perfection and one of the latest collections that will surely grab your attention this upcoming season is Givenchy's spring 2012 makeup collection.

The world renowned brand gives a sneak peak of what to expect this spring 2012 season, and the pretty colors and textures of the collection seduce from first glimpse. Gorgeous pastels and the infusion of sexy red makes the collection irresistible.
Givenchy makeup creative director Nicolas Degennes opted for fresh colors, mostly pinks and reds, hues that are a definite must have this spring summer season. If you love looks that balance timeless elegance with the freshness of natural looks, check out the upcoming collection and pick your new season favorites.

Givenchy Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

Le Prisme Blush Bucolique
Givenchy's iconic Prism makeup products have been a hit since they first appeared and it seems that this season the products have been reinvented to suit the collection's fun and fresh style. The new Prisme blushes featured in the spring 2012 collection feature a splash effect, created using rose and peach and poppy and peach hues. Joyful and fresh, the color combo can give your complexion a luminous, velvety finish that will be difficult to ignore. Opt for your best color match from:

  • N° 1 in Bucolic Rose
  • N° 2 in Bucolic Poppy

  • Le Prisme Visage Bucolique in Bucolic Blossoms
    The pastel color mix that is featured by the palette is just amazing, being a perfect choice for women who want to give their skin a fresh and luminous look. The 'spacial' effect creates a gorgeous finish that suits all skin tones, so give it a try and let your skin be a magnet for attraction.


    Givenchy Spring 2012 Makeup Collection


    Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor Bucolic Blossoms
    Seemingly a makeup palette that draws inspiration from the beauty of the earth as well as that of flowers, the Le Prisme Yeux Quatuor Bucolic Blossoms No. 79 can be a perfect aid in giving your eyes an unforgettable touch of seductiveness. Featuring the following hues, mint green, chocolate brown, soft pink and purple, the palette offers variety so you can create various color combos for numerous makeup looks that suit your style perfectly.

    The collection also features the new must haves: lip and nail color. Featuring a bright coloration, the products can bring to the surface the diva within you, so let your inner goddess surface with the help of the following products all in bright poppy red:
  • Rouge Interdit Bucolic Poppy N° 54
  • Gloss Interdit Bucolic Poppy N° 32
  • Vernis Please! Bucolic Poppy N° 177

  • Check out the collection which is going to hit the shelves in February 2012, and pick your new season must haves in time for spring. 

    Giorgio Armani 'Luce' Spring 2012 Makeup Collection 

    Giorgio Armani is placing a heavy accent on beauty this spring season, with a collection that is bound to take breaths away. The brand's spring 2012 makeup collection titled 'Luce' and promoted by hottie Megan Fox looks amazing, so check out the products featured in the collection and prepare to be swept off your feet.
    The new makeup trends have managed to amaze, going from vintage to glam goddess with virtually no difficulty. High quality makeup products and the constant search for new hues and textures that would naturally enhance the beauty of any skin tone have made applying makeup super easy. If you're looking for the ultimate natural makeup look, turn your attention towards Giorgio Armani's Luce makeup collection for spring 2012.

    Giorgio Armani has managed to maintain his name synonymous to luxury and high quality, so no wonder that the upcoming collection has already attracted a lot of attention. The face for the collection is none other than Hollywood sweetheart, ex-Transformers star, Megan Fox, and the actress's beauty seems to be even more accentuated by the wonderful products featured in the upcoming spring 2012 makeup collection titled 'Luce'.
    The name of the collection seems to describe perfectly the collection as it simply illuminates the skin, its beautifying power being difficult to top. Light seems to have inspired Armani's makeup creative director Linda Cantello, as she says that: “The darkness of winter becomes the glowing light at spring.”
    The power of shimmer is no match for anyone to resist this spring 2012 season, so make sure you obtain a pure goddess radiance with Giorgio Armani's 'Luce' makeup collection that features the following must have products:

    Giorgio Armani Beauty Tourmaline Pink Blush
    Blush has become an essential beauty product that can define the delicate line of the cheekbones like nothing else. The blush featured in the Luce collection features a soft and subtle texture that is infused with soft shimmer particles meant to deliver a natural, soft glow to every complexion.
    Giorgio Armani Beauty Eye Palette
    Give your eyes a sultry appearance with the help of these two fab makeup palettes meant to make you look flawless for hours. Two lovely shimmery palettes that are infused with 'Luce d’oro', a golden hint of shimmer, will be featured in the collection, so pick your best match. A soft pastel palette and a brown tone palette, each featuring four tones, will be on standby to give your eyes a mesmerizing appearance.
    Giorgio Armani Beauty Gloss d’Armani
    Give your lips a boost of sensuality with the new formulated lip glosses that deliver perfect coloration and an unmatchable shine. Their long lasting power will ensure you look flawless for up to 8 hours, so choose your best match from the following shades available:
  • Beige 105
  • Rouge 405
  • Brown 201
  • Pink 508

  • Giorgio Armani Eye Pencils
    Give your eyes a total glam effect with the help of the new eye pencils available in two amazing metallic hues that have both long lasting properties and intensity. The waterproof formula can be glided on with maximum precision, so you can achieve a flawless look that will not smudge. The pencils will be available in antique gold and copper.

    Estee Lauder Topaz Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

    Renowned label Estee Lauder has transposed the beauty of the desert into its latest makeup collection titled Topaz. The spring 2012 makeup collection brings accents of sand and water to the scene, colors that look just divine and bring an unmatchable naturalness that will surely make heads turn!
    Estee Lauder's makeup creative director Tom Pecheux turned towards nature for inspiration for the label's spring 2012 makeup collection which manages to bring nature's basic elements to the scene. Estee Lauder spring 2012 makeup collection titled Topaz is apparently inspired by the Arizona desert, a place in which sand and aqua shades dominate the scenery.

    Naturalness is still highly appreciated this season, so if you're looking for a new gorgeous look that goes from day to evening, go for soft, earth tones that compliment most skin tones. The beauty of bright topaz is balanced by the neutral, skin complimenting sand hue, a combo which can do wonders and still maintain a very soft and classy look. The collection features all the new season must haves, so check out the wonderful products and pick your new spring 2012 must haves.
    Estee Lauder Topaz Spring 2012
    Pure Color Five Color EyeShadow Palette in Topaz Mosaic
    This gorgeous palette features five fab makeup hues that can be used individually or combined to accentuate the sublime beauty of the eyes. The palette features neutral brown shades and a gorgeous yellow gold eyeshadow to give the eyes a goddess like appearance.

    Pure Color Illuminating Powder Gelée in Topaz Chameleon
    Give your skin a sizzling radiance using Estee's new powder in gold brown, a hue that is both natural and divine looking. The amazing snakeskin print gives it a super seductive look that will be difficult to resist.

    Pure Color Intense Kajal Eye Crayon
    A gorgeous creamy eye makeup that glides on like velvet for an unbelievable effect. Opt for each of the two shades available:
  • Dramatic Black
  • Dramatic Teal

  • Sumptuous Extreme Mascara
    Give your lashes an extreme definition with the new amazing mascara signed Estee. Delivering an amazing lengthening effect, the mascara will surely become a favorite among your top beautifying products.
    Estee Lauder Topaz Makeup Spring 2012

    Estee Lauder Spring 2012

    Pure Color Sensuous Rouge Lip Color
    Give your lips a velvety feel and a natural touch of color using one of the following lip colors:
  • Sultry Caramel
  • Sensuous Nude
  • Sublime Nectar

  • Pure Color Gloss
    Luscious lips that never go by unnoticed are enhanced using soft products and Estee Lauder's new lip gloss in Citron Kiss can give the lips the perfect touch of radiance. Use it on your bare lips or apply a soft layer over your favorite lip color.

    Pure Color Nail Lacquer
    Gorgeous lacquerred nails with a rich colored nail polish application has become a definite must have, so if you want to make your nails look hotter than ever, turn towards Estee's gorgeous spring 2012 must have nail polish in Teal Topaz.

    Dior Garden Party Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

    Dior captured the beauty of nature in its latest makeup collection for spring 2012 called 'Garden Party'. Prepare to be dazzled by soft pastel tones that will make all the difference for your new season look. Check out the new collection and pick your spring favorites!
    Dior celebrates nature and captures the essence of beautiful gardens in the label's latest makeup collection for spring 2012, titled suggestively Dior Garden Party.
    Makeup can pose as the easiest and pain free ways to a total look transformation and the vast array of hues and products out there will surely accentuate your features as you desire, for an unforgettable look.

    The new collection signed Dior for spring 2012 brings rich brights and soft pastel tones inspired by the amazing gardens surrounding the designer's home in Granville, Normandy, making the collection simply irresistible. Beauty at its finest transposed into boxes and tubes describe best the collection, so take a peek at the upcoming collection and let yourself be swept away on a dreamy journey through the mesmerizing world of colorful makeup.
    Dior Garden Party Spring 2012 Makeup Collection Dior Garden Party Spring 2012 Makeup Collection Dior Garden Party Spring 2012 Makeup Collection
    The Dior Garden Party makeup collection features all the makeup essentials that can help enhance your natural beauty, and one of the products included in the collection that will instantly conquer your heart is the Dior Garden Clutch, a pink colored clutch that features 3 gorgeous eye makeup colors, two lip glosses and a double end makeup brush for an easy and smooth application of the product. The Garden Clutch palette will be available in two amazing color variations, so pick your perfect match:
  • Milly Garden
  • Granville Garden

  • Dior's new 5 Couleurs Palette Garden Edition available in two color variations will surely make your eyes look unforgettable, as these richly pigmented eye shadows are a magnet for attention. With an amazing 3D floral print design, the eye shadows are perfectly displayed in order, ready to be used to create various sultry eye makeup looks. Each palette features two double end makeup sponges that will help you layer the makeup perfectly. The palettes available will be:
  • Garden Roses Harmony - a pink and purple mix
  • Garden Pastels Harmony - green, pink and yellow mix

  • Dior Spring 2012 5 Couleurs Palette GardenDior Garden Party 5 Couleurs Palette Garden Edition

    Dior Vernis Garden Party nail colors will definitely make your nails look adorable because a true fashionista will always try to make the best out of her nails. Dior's makeup creative team decided to spice things up a bit and incorporate a rose scent into the lacquer's formula.
  • Waterlily - light green
  • Forget-Me-Not - soft lilac

  • Blush has become a definite must have when it comes to makeup and this spring Dior opted for a gorgeous pink-rose blush that will make the best of any skin tone. The Rosy Glow blush comes with a small blush brush, so you can be able to carry this essential compact with you at all times.

    Dior Vernis Garden Party Spring 2012Dior Spring 2012 Rosy Glow Blusher

    Dior Ultra Addict Gloss comes in 3 gorgeous shades that will instantly enhance the seductive allure of your lips. Use the fabulous lip glosses over your bare lips or over your favorite Dior lipstick, so pick your favorite floral inspired hue from the following:
  • Rose Mondain
  • Lilas Party
  • Rose Pretty

  • Also available with this collection will be two new shades of Rouge Dior lipstick and Rouge Serum, 3 Couleur Makeup Palettes, skin care products, a new fragrance and 'la piece de resitance' a limited edition heated lash curler.

    Dior Spring 2012 Dior Ultra Addict Gloss


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