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Abbey Lee Kershaw

Abbey Lee Kershaw


The Most Important Thing About Dreams Is Having One
Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw
Photographer: Richard Bush
Stylist: Sarah Richardson
Hair: Ashley Javier
Make-up: Francelle Daly
Set Design: Andy Harman
i-D Fall 2011
All those elements of mod 60s fashion we predicted to return are rolling in thick and fast. Rounded peter pan collars? Exaggerated false eyelashes? Tunics and brightly coloured frock coats? Yes to all, plus we can add a modern update on go-go boots to the growing list.

The addition of oversized accessories to this shoot not only make Abbey Lee Kershaw look like she’s living in a doll’s house, they also serve to amplify the Twiggy vibe. Proportions are ever the more warped when your purse is as big as you are; giving the impression that those must be twiggy legs indeed. And that’s a characteristic of mod fashion worth baring in mind; it works brilliantly when a little quirky, a little fun, and even a little surreal.

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