March 2011

Nick Knight - Photographer

Karlie Kloss - Model

Joan Smalls - Model

Kate Phelan - Fashion Editor/Stylist

Sam McKnight - Hair Stylist

Val Garland - Makeup Artist

Michael Howells - Set Designer

Marian Newman - Manicurist


Nick Knight/Photographer/Other credits: Director


Country of origin: United Kingdom

Groundbreaking British fashion and art photographer, creating iconic fashion images since the 80's. Founded Showstudio.com in 2000. From Showstudio bio: "Director of SHOWstudio.com, Nick Knight, is among the world’s most visionary photographers consistently challenging the conventional notions of beauty. He has collaborated with leading designers including Yohji Yamamoto, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, and led advertising campaigns for Christian Dior, Lancôme, Swarovski, Levi Strauss, Calvin Klein or Yves Saint Laurent. Knight's work has been exhibited at international institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, Saatchi Gallery, The Tate Modern and Hayward Gallery."


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