Rock your favorite winter sheepskin boots and avoid health hazards with these expert tips. Photo: Alamy

注意:keep the boots dry and do not wear too long

With 49 out of 50 states currently blanketed in snow, many people are putting on cozy sheepskin boots like Uggs -- and keeping them on -- while shoveling, getting to work, running around with the kids and even lounging at home.

What you may not know is that your favorite comfy boots are the ideal breeding ground for a host of foot problems like fungus, odor and chronic painful inflammation of the sole, especially if you wear them continuously for hours on end.

But if you can't imagine going back to the frosty, shivering life that awaits you without cherished sheepskin boots in tow, there's good news: You don't need to entirely stop wearing them.

We asked New York podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong to share some simple tips on preventing the three most common foot problems associated with boots, so that you can still enjoy the familiar warmth of your favorite pair without putting your tootsies at risk.


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