The Chantecaille Spa Experience

Chantecaille offers uniquely therapeutic treatments with aromatherapy, aromacologie, lymphatic drainage and its own products in spa environments in New York and London. The spas perfectly capture the distinctive soul of Chantecaille with its devotion to scientific rigor and natural botanicals containing unusually high concentrations of plants and flowers.
After experiencing facial paralysis, Sylvie Chantecaille spent many years researching different machines to lift muscle and tone the face. Visiting spas and working with several international doctors led her to develop treatments combining exclusive machines designed in France with Chantecaille's botanical skincare line. These machines address the loss of elasticity in the skin, using lymphatic drainage to sculpt and tone the face, lift the muscle and increase collagen production. Together, the products and treatments deliver a profound renewal of energy and a calming sense of well-being.


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