Finally! Spring is officially here. The clocks have sprung forward, the flowers are in bloom and the temperature is finally getting warmer. So now it’s time to update your makeup and wardrobe (if you haven’t already) and get on board with the pastel trend —  a watercolour palette of minty greens, cotton candy pinks, lemons, peaches and lilacs.

終於!春天正式來到。如雨後春筍般湧現的向前,花朵盛開,氣溫終於得到溫暖。因此,現在是時候更新你的化妝和服裝的時候了(如果你還沒有的話)以及柔和的趨勢 - 1水彩調色板的薄荷綠,粉紅色棉花糖,檸檬,桃,丁香花色。

There were multiple collections that featured pastel colours including Burberry Prorsum  (love the classic trench in pink), Christopher Kane’s gingham fabrics in powder blues and pinks, and Fendi’s lingerie-esque dresses. The makeup didn’t disappoint either. Derek Lam’s layers of coloured liners and shadows created a cool 80’s vibe.

有多種功能的集合柔和色調的Burberry Prorsum(愛戰壕中的經典粉紅色),Christopher Kane的格子粉藍色和粉紅色布料,和Fendi的內衣,去年秋季服裝。化妝沒有讓人失望的。

設計師 Derek Lam的彩色內襯層和陰影創造了一個涼爽 80年代的氛圍。

The easiest way to wear the pastel trend is to pick one key colour and to wear it just below the crease of the eyelid. For a softer finish use a soft brush, and for more intense colour, pack it on with a stiff brush. Pair your pastel shade with a dark eyeliner and finish with neutral lips. Our favourite lip is the MAC Crèmesheen Glass in Partial to Pink.

春妝最簡單的方法--粉色的趨勢是一個關鍵的色彩選擇,並於下方的眼瞼摺痕處也畫上同色系。並用軟毛大刷完成定妝的動作,並和更強烈的色彩,運用硬毛刷子。將您的淺色與深色眼線產生對比性並完成與中庸低調的嘴唇。我們喜歡的是 MAC Crèmesheen Glass 偏粉紅唇色。

If you’re not so daring, an easy way to wear the new pastel colours is to get a new shade of nail polish. We love the yellow Butter nail polish and American Apparel has a good range of very affordable pastels too.

如果你不是那麼大膽,則可以輕鬆地穿上新柔和色彩,並且擦上新色的指甲油。我們非常喜歡黃色指甲油和American Apparel  具有可接受的範圍也非常搭配粉彩妝容。


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