amantha Cole's brand Samantha Cole London (SCL) is an international award winning contemporary British brand that draws influences fromdern daywithout completely relying on them for the direction and purpose of the collections.

Samantha Cole is a designer who has always had a passion and flair for fashion. She has been able to explore and develop these qualities further while working at Burberry and studying at The London College of Fashion, where she had graduated with a degree and The Southampton Institute of Higher education.

SCL's philosophy is to interpret a trend, a thought, a mood, by de-constructing the obvious signals projected, re-defining the concept to produce silhouette that acknowledge the past and have a sense of future, while recognizing that there are no limits or boundaries to fashion, just to ourselves...

'Warrior' Collection

This collection was developed to highlight the power and strength of a woman without losing her femininity.

She can show her dominance if required an be submissive if so desired...the point is, its her prerogative to be whoever she wants to be...

Inspiration was drawn from Kate Beckinsale in "UNDERWORLD" meets Tina Turner in "MADMAX" sprinkled with Jane Fonda in "BARBARELLA" set against a futuristic backdrop.


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