So many textile elements come together each year to put together a season’s fashion trends; there are the cuts, the individual details, the fabrics, and, the oft forgotten color trends.

If you’re looking to keep up with current fashion trends, or are simply after a fashion-forwards wardrobe refresh, then the current colour trends can’t be overlooked. Read on for more on current and future colour trends, and don’t forget to subscribe to our fashion newsletter or our RSS feed to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends.

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Fashion’s future: spring 2012 color trends
Even as the fall collections left the runway, we were already looking to get a glimpse into the following warmer seasons. Yes, we’re talking about the foundation of any season’s collections: the colours and hues that underlie them, shape them, and eventually come to define them. And even though we’re still guiding you through spring’s and autumn / fall’s fashion trends for 2011, that doesn’t mean we can’t afford a slight deviation in the form of a long term color trend forecast for the spring / summer 2012 season.

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Lingerie / swimwear spring / summer 2012 colors

Interfiliere are always the first to release their take on any season’s colour trends, and for spring / summer 2012 it’s no different. As a part of the swimwear and lingerie industry the colours they reveal as having frequency and prominence are usually limited to their part of the fashion industry. While some of these colours may be dominant amongst spring 2012′s clothing trends, we should caution that there’s no guarantee of it.

Unfortunately, at this stage Interfiliere have not released the Pantone codes for their analysis of the spring 2012 colours. However, reading from left to right and starting with the colour swatch above, they’re seeing the following colours as trends for beachwear and intimates:

Lime Blosson, Clotted Cream, Hemp, Tortoiseshell
Shadow, Lupin, Foliage, Apple
Sage, Jacinth, Formica, Smoothy

color trends summer 2012

Wysteria, Asian Bronze, Shanghai Mist, Earth
Anemone, Oxygen, Baby Doll, Marshmallow
Rhubarbe Jelly, Babychick, Grape, Marsala

color trends summer 2012
Lapis, Canary, Macaroon, Quince Petal

As color trend companies are want to do, Interfiliere have also grouped their color trends for spring 2012 into different moods. For the spring / summer season they’re seeing three distinguishable colour groups: tender, earthy, and floral.


The clearest and palest of pastels, ideal for lofty and silky fabrics and for a new vintage mood that is more sexy than candid.


The earth hues: ochres, oranges and copper tones which support the passion for nature and organic environments to use with mat or shiny effects, with top-of-the-range laces, and for beachwear. Note a surge of ‘hand-dyed’ effects, especially indigo.


Floral tones, essential nuances for charming prints available now for ranges of limited volume.

Other spring / summer 2012 color trends

As the seasons near, we’ll have more analysis of spring / summer 2012 color trends available from the likes of Pantone along with details on leather and clothing colors. To receive them in your inbox when we do, subscribe to our newsletter.

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