When Steven Meisel selects a model from thousands of girls working today, it means something. It takes a special girl to captivate the industry’s premier photographer and Laura Kampman has done just that. Take a look at her Vogue Italia cover story to see just what Miss Kampman brings to the table: her off-kilter appeal is showcased in a series of surrealist shots that owe as much to Dali as they do to Meisel. Looking at home in black veils and blue lips, Laura enlivens some of fashion’s most original pieces. Karl Templer, Pat McGrath and Guido Palau‘s talents combine to create a beautiful showcase for the season’s infatuation with the otherworldly and the special girl who captures the mood of the moment.






















  copy by Vogue Italia

View the entire story and behind the scenes video at Vogue.it

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