Wear it left, right, up, down, wet or dry: the question is not whether the side part is in (it's never really far away), but how to wear it in 2012. Read on for the year's best interpretations as well as our styling tips.

side part hairstyle

The centre might be where hair sits if you want to rock a 60s or 70s vibe in 2012, but for those looking for a part that offers up more of a fashion-forward vibe then your 2012 hairstyle is all about the side part.

Across your forehead

The side part challenges the fringe / bangs to dominance in 2012, with the length of the hair sweeping across the forehead and the shorter part tucking behind the ear.

J. Mendel’s spring 2012 showing used the style to great effect, with TIGI hairstylist Paul Hanlon creating a look that interpreted the part with a thoroughly modern haistyle of texture, waves and shiny, though not wet, product. When you look at the pictures you’ll see it’s a style that is visually stronger for those with long hair, though not without its appeal for those with a below-the-chin bob ala Arizona Muse. You can find a how to for the J. Mendel article further down in this trend guide.

This is one interpretation of the side part that is less dependent on your hair and more dependent on your face shape. Tightly slicked and inline with 2012′s
wet hair
look, this sharp parting has a masculine quality and works with everything from a short cut (think the 30s / 70s revival) through to longer locks. Custo Barcelona worked with the latter on their spring / summer 2012 catwalk, working a copious quantity of gel into the hair to give a head turning factor to an otherwise simple, androgonyous hairstyle. At the rear they styled each model’s long hair / hair extensions into a sleek pony tail.

side part slick hair

side part pony tail


side part hair clip


Tight sides,long back

The side part with light texture and a hairline twist. It’s that twist that is the eye catching detail for this particular interpretation – it starts at the side part, is worked across hairline, along the side of the head, before being pinned at the rear

hair twist


phillip lim hairstyle

phillip lim hairstyle

With the slow return of 1920s inspired fashion to prominance, you can be sure that the era’s hairstyles will again be equally as popular. Which means that a number of takes on the flapper bob will be popular. While the flapper bob works with a centre part, those with fine hair will turn again to the centre part. j mendel hairstyle Flapper.

side part flapper hair

Straight and elegant

sides has a casual air, then it’s safe to say

that this take on the style is wholly elegant albeit potentially limited to being paired with eventwear and worn to said events. Jenny Packham’s last showing offered up the look; it’s certainly not revolutionary, but it’s here for what it’s worth

elegant side part

The J. Mendel side part tips

You don’t need a ‘how to’ for the side part in general, however, with J. Mendel’s 70s interpretation of it dominating the look for 2012 some pointers there shan’t go astray. Note that if you want to create a slick or wet take on the style, you can find more tips and how-to steps at our wet look hair page by following that link.


j mendel hair how to

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