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PHOTOGRAPHY Knoepfel & Indlekofer FASHION EDITOR Géraldine Saglio

 HAIR Esther Langham MAKEUP Benjamin Puckey


HAIR Franco Gobbi MAKEUP Adrien Pinault

Stylist Géraldine Saglio shows her skill with two separate stories in Vogue Paris starring the versatile Anna Selezneva. Pulling off the luxurious vixen look with aplomb on one page, then switching to a youthful preppy look on the next takes skill and Anna handles it well. The selection of Harry Winston and Tiffany & Co. diamonds certainly helps, that and all the gorgeous Isabel Marant.

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Scan Credit | Aja Mok @ tFS

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What could be better than leisurely biking through the picturesque New York City streets? Biking while dressed head-to-toe in pieces from 3.1 Phillip Lim‘s F/W 2011 collection. San Francisco-based photographer and filmmaker Andrew Paynter collaborates once again with the designer on a lookbook video that supremely embodies the spirit of the Phillip Lim woman: brave, independent, and impeccably dressed. Models Karlijn, Xiao Wen Ju, and Kasia Wrobel, casting by Daniel Peddle Casting, pedal through the city with glamour and ease to showcase the wearability of the entire collection. Bicycles may very well be the must-have accessory for fall! Click here to view the film.

3.1 Phillip Lim "Girls On Bikes" Women's FW11 Collection from 3.1PhillipLim on Vimeo.

Kristina Salinovic transforms for the aptly titled Evanescent Metamorphoses, the newest film from Karl Lagerfeld showcasing the Chanel Fall-Winter 2011/12 Pre-collection. In this latest installment, the gender lines are blurred as Salinovic moves from her signature androgynous state toward a more feminine version of herself, all the while draped in Lagerfeld’s sumptuous creations. The dream-like quality of the film is the perfect setting for a wardrobe composed entirely of Chanel. Click here to view the film. (reviews by Lynley Flanagan)http://chanel-news.chanel.com/en/by-karl/evanescent-metamorphoses-by-karl-lagerfeld/


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Burberry彩妝2011首波秋妝抵台灣 由名模卡拉迪樂芬妮Cara Delevingne示範拍攝Burberry Beauty美妝教學影片

Burberry終於敲定於2011秋季抵台灣,首波商品將推出秋妝與粉底底妝。Burberry Beauty彩妝商品系列中,底妝的粉底、蜜粉,眼妝的眼影、睫毛膏,好氣色的腮紅,唇妝的口紅、唇蜜…商品之中,哪款商品會是你的心頭好呢?
我們先前往Burberry 2011秋冬時尚周後台,直擊代言Burberry時裝與彩妝的英籍名模卡拉迪樂芬妮Cara Delevingne,先被Burberry設計師克里斯多夫貝里Christopher Bailey欽點代言,拍攝Burberry時裝與美妝形象代言平面廣告影片。1992年誕生的名模卡拉迪樂芬妮Cara Delevingne芳齡20歲,五官精緻神似貝克漢妻子維多莉亞小貝嫂,名模卡拉迪樂芬妮Cara Delevingne在Burberry Beauty影片中由Burberry美妝彩妝藝術顧問溫蒂若依Wendy Rowe示範2011秋妝的小煙薰眼妝。讓我們一起先來看看Burberry Beauty影片為即將上市的彩妝系列暖身倒數吧!

copy by vouge twhttp://www.vogue.com.tw/beauty/hot/content.asp?ids=186&from=fb0721


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As the reigning queen of glossy editorial perfection, Camilla Akrans never fails to create a world filled with saturated color and glamorous inhabitants. Akrans’ latest for Vogue Italia takes blonde beauty Ieva Laguna and transforms her into a cherry haired vixen. Lacquered lips, a few well placed diamonds and a barely there fringe number by Versace selected by Ludivine Poiblanc, complete the sultry look, but Ieva brings the sizzle. With poses ranging from come hither stares to a full blown rapturous head toss, Miss Laguna is giving her all to the camera.

HAIR Eugene Souleiman | MAKEUP Fredrik Stambro | MANICURE Sunshine Outing | COLORIST Josh Wood

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NARS Fall 2011 Makeup Collection

“Fall is the perfect time to play with dramatic shades, bold color and rich textures, like a bright blue eye or a stormy gray nail.
I like the look of a bright blue eye and a pale pink lip, achieved with Outremer Eyeshadow and Pago Pago Lipstick. It’s striking and modern.”

– Francois Nars

nars fall 2011 outremer single eyeshadow

So, this collection includes:

Trio Eyeshadow, £ 33.00

  • Delphes

Duo Eyeshadow, £ 23.50

  • Grand Palais

Single Eyeshadow, £ 20.50

  • Outremer

Lipstick, £ 17.50

  • Pago Pago

Pure Matte Lipstick, £ 18.50

  • Montego Bay
  • Mascate

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil, £ 17.50

  • Train Bleu

Lipgloss, £ 17.50

  • Oasis

Nail Polish, £ 13.50

  • Galion

There will be also the new Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliners

Via Veneto (black), Via Appia – Kupfer, Abbey Road (shimmering blue), Santa Monica (white), Rue Saint-Honoré (blue), Rue de Rivoli (metallic green), Rue Bonaparte (brown), Bourbon Street (lilac), Madison Avenue(grey).


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Classic Steven Meisel imagery reigns in the new Vogue Italia, with a spirited story featuring a few VI newcomers. Juliane Grüner graces the cover and is joined inside by Josephine Skriver, Emily Baker, Fei Fei Sun, Anais Pouliot, Kelly Mittendorf and Antonia Wesseloh in a good ol’ fashioned studio edit styled by Karl Templer. With Pat McGrath handling makeup and Guido Palau crafting coiffures, the entire affair is stunning from start to finish.


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Stockholm S/S A/W ‘s gorgeous blend of Swedsh fashion’s finest certainly caught our attention: the magazine’s striking covers by Kai Z Feng feature Katrin Thormann, Amanda Norgaard and Dorothea Barth Jorgensen looking luminous. Inside you’ll find contributions from the likes of Andreas Öhlund, John Scarisbrick, Ann-Sofie Back, as well as some truly gorgeous editorials. Model turned editor in chief Jakob Hedberg, has put together something very special. Take a peek at Kai Z Feng’s black and white covers and accompanying story, styled by James Valeri.


Kai Z Feng/

Photographer/Other credits: Creative Director

Ph: Patrick Demarchelier, Kai Z Feng | Vogue Paris March Contributors Page

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Has Josh Olins formed the perfect girl group for V Magazine? Wang Xiao, Rila Fukushima and Xiao Wen Ju, look absolutely lovely playing a modern day version of the 1960s supergroups like The Supremes and Shirelles in this cheeky story from V72. Dressed in pre-fall’s grooviest pieces from Stella McCartney, Balenciaga and Celine – selected by stylist Jay Massacret, the girls look like they’ve got the whole retro thing down pat. Maki Ryoke and Shon provide the ladies with the prerequisite winged liner and bouffant hairstyles, but the attitude is all their own. If these girls can carry a tune, the music world better watch out!


Josh Olins


Ph: Josh Olins | Portrait of Josh Olins

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