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Jac Jagaciak joins the one and only Tom Ford for a special feature in Interview by Craig McDean. Shot at Los Angeles’ trendy Cicada Restaurant and featuring Ford’s acclaimed S/S collection, the images round out Interview’s beautiful Ford cover story. The cut out effect makes for an interesting collage of pictures, but even with the unique layout the clothes remain the focus.


Tom Ford

Designer /Other credits: Model, Photographer

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Thomas Penfound astounds on the cover of DANSK‘s latest issue. Drawing inspiration from androgynous icon Annie Lennox’s hit Missionary Man, Aitken Jolly and Anders Solvsten Thomsen transform Thomas into a flame haired beauty. This is the 25th issue of DANSK and the overarching theme is ‘towards uncharted territory’ an idea echoed throughout the content. Inside you’ll also find a few surprising images of Baptiste Giabiconi by Bojana Tatarska and styled by Morgan Hamada Ruiz, as well as this thought provoking quote.

“One day I went up to Karl and said: ‘Why me? What is it you see in me? Why do you only work with me?’ And he told me it’s because he sees something in me that he doesn’t see in other people, something in the way I carry myself. Karl said: ‘I see both a man and a woman in you at the same time.’” - Baptiste Giabiconi

Thomas Penfound by Aitken Jolly

Baptiste Giabiconi by Bojana Tatarska / styling by Morgan Hamada Ruiz

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Will Davidson creates an ethereal story for Dazed and Confused with a little help from Joanna Schlenzka lighter than air styling. Movement is a motif throughout Davidson’s shadowy images and dressed in gauzy gowns from Kenzo and Dries Van Noten, Ming Xi and Hyoni Kang strike dancer poses that bring the theme to life.


Ming Xi                  Hyoni Kang

Country of origin: China                        Country of origin: South Korea

 Elite Modellook 2009 finalist. Given name Xi Mengyao. Walked

exclusively for Givenchy Haute Couture January 2010, in March 2010 walked for Givenchy RTW.



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Edita Vilkeviciute.
Jeff Burton.
The ultimate in glamour, enhanced by Franck Benhamou‘s flawless styling and Darlene Jacobs‘ makeup artistry.

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Shu Pei has the best skin in the business

Do you admire the flawless skin of your favorite models? This week’s mdc ♥ is dedicated to products designed to make you look your best.

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While most fashion magazines are still getting a grasp on the concept of diversity, there are few out there that offer a fresh perspective. Launched last year by Oroma Elewa, Pop Africana aims to serve as the official African book of style. Paying tribute to and showcasing the incredible talent within the continent, each issue introduces readers to a wealth of creativity. The limited edition, second issue (available on the Pop Africana website) features editorials with beauty Ajak Deng, along with special content from Duro Olowu, Olufemi Terry, Maki Oh, Marcus Samuelsson & Nina Keita.

Issue No. 2 | Ajak Deng by Owen Bruce

Issue No. 1 | Gaye McDonald by Jamie Nelson

Issue No. 1 | Ataui Deng & Atong Ajork by Oroma Elewa

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Some of Spring’s most compelling campaigns take a less is more approach, with a focus on the combination of great models and impeccably constructed clothes. When you’ve got Jana Knauerova, Melissa Tammerijn, Julia Nobis or Erin Wasson striking regal poses in deceptively simple dresses, you really don’t need much more. The Jil Sander ads takes the trend one step further, all but erasing Daria Strokous‘ beautiful face in some of the spring shots. Willy Vanderperre is certainly on a roll this season!


Jana Knauerova by Glen Luchford for Costume National

Erin Wasson by Willy Vanderperre for Elie Saab

Daria Strokous and Yannick Abrath by Willy Vanderperre for Jil Sander | Styled by Olivier Rizzo

Melissa Tammerijn and Julia Nobis for Proenza Schouler by Willy Vanderperre

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Giampaolo Sgura and Anna Dello Russo join forces for not one, but two maximalist stories for Vogue Nippon. With extravagant styling that echoes Anna’s more is more philosophy and palate of intense colors provided by Segura, both stories are playful tributes to fashion’s eccentrics; Karmen Pedaru looks right at home in those wild hats from Phillip Treacy and Benoit Missolin.

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Image from Style.com

To all those who say Givenchy Haute Couture 2011 casting was just a “gimmick”: As an Asian person, it makes me deliriously happy that a blue chip designer who references the East ACTUALLY uses Asian models. (And the clothes were, of course, supremely divine). For his just finished men’s collection, check out the perfectly cast show by the trailblazing team of Daniel Peddle and Drew Dasent.

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One for All

Will Davidson and Stevie Dance join forces to create a dance themed story & cover for RUSSH. Utilizing the talents of dancers Brandon O’Neal, Ronald Burton and Ryan Rankine, alongside veteran model Delfine Bafort, makes for some truly beautiful images and the issue’s theme of group dynamics is completely in line with fashion’s love of collaboration.

Sailor Girl

Camilla Akrans takes Theres Alexandersson in a retro direction for the latest Vogue Nippon; with a naval theme and 40s styling by Sissy Vian, Theres looks every bit the pinup in these playful shots, it is amazing what a transformation a red lip can provide!

Le Roux

Exhibition Magazine takes one iconic fashion item and focuses an entire issue on it. For the premiere edition they chose lipstick and the final result is simply beautiful; just take a look at Catherine Servel‘s seductive beauty story with Magdalena Frackowiak. Equal parts glamour and innuendo, the story features a magenta haired Magda wearing lipcolor from Tom Ford and Dolce and Gabbana, along with seasonal fashions from Ohne Titel & Versus. Looking every bit the siren, thanks to Chiho Omae‘s dramatic makeup and Catherine Newell-Hanson‘s styling, Magdalena shines.

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Rock your favorite winter sheepskin boots and avoid health hazards with these expert tips. Photo: Alamy

注意:keep the boots dry and do not wear too long

With 49 out of 50 states currently blanketed in snow, many people are putting on cozy sheepskin boots like Uggs -- and keeping them on -- while shoveling, getting to work, running around with the kids and even lounging at home.

What you may not know is that your favorite comfy boots are the ideal breeding ground for a host of foot problems like fungus, odor and chronic painful inflammation of the sole, especially if you wear them continuously for hours on end.

But if you can't imagine going back to the frosty, shivering life that awaits you without cherished sheepskin boots in tow, there's good news: You don't need to entirely stop wearing them.

We asked New York podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong to share some simple tips on preventing the three most common foot problems associated with boots, so that you can still enjoy the familiar warmth of your favorite pair without putting your tootsies at risk.

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Vogue Paris gives readers a rare glimpse into the life of model, Sasha Pivovarova with a special behind the scenes portfolio of images created by Sasha herself. The mix of photos and drawings showcases Sasha’s artistic talents and provide a fun look at her winning personality.

Image Credit | Valentine27


      Sasha Pivovarova

Ph: Terry Richardson | H&M F/W 09


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There is something truly haunting about Daniel Jackson‘s Acne Paper portfolio of sensual faces. We teased you with a preview of Linda Vojtova‘s seductive shot but the whole story is just as good. Iris Strubegger, Sessilee Lopez, Anne Vyalitsyna, Adam Lundberg, Oraine Barrett, Diana Dondoe, Missy Rayder, Liu Wen, Alyssa Miller and Marina Perez each capture the right mix of refinement and carnality while Jackson’s dramatic use of lighting and color take the story to that next level. Many fashion stories attempt the erotic but few move beyond stereotypical “sexy” pictures and towards a deeper reflection on just what is desirable.


Liu Wen


Adam Lundberg


Alyssa Miller




Marina P


Anne V




Diana D




related info

Daniel Jacksonhttp://models.com/people/daniel-jackson

Ph: Daniel Jackson | Teen Vogue April 2010 Contributors' Page


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Vogue China salutes the best in Asian talent with a portfolio of the industry’s leading Asian models shot by Max Vadukul. Featuring Liu Wen, Du Juan, Kiki Kang, Tao Okamoto, Danni Li and Ping Hue Cheung , the images show the current superstars as well as the rising talents sure to make an impact in 2010.  This dynamic group of girls and their combined successes are a testament to the way in which the fashion industry is slowly but surely diversifying.


Liu & Du


Danni Li






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Dita Von Teese: Gallery of the UnexpectedBurlesque icon Dita Von Teese in a sci-fi romp through a haute couture fantasy. Directed & styled by Mohieb. Photos & production by MoDa’s Touch. Makeup: James Molloy, using M.A.C. Hair: Louis Byrne, using L'Oréal Professionnel and Hairaisers All jewellery by de Grisogono (Dubai, Geneva, Gstaad, Hong Kong, Kuwait, London, Moscow, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Porto Cervo, Rome, St Bathelemy, St Moritz, Tokyo).

Dita Von Teese: Behind the Scenes


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Vogue Russia

Золотая орда

client: Vogue Russia  source: community.livejournal.com published: January 2011

Photographer Francois Nars - Model Iris Strubegger Fashion Editor/StylistPatti Wilson Makeup Artist Fulvia Farolfi


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 Addiction Spring 2011 Makeup 6

Addiction Spring Summer 2011 Base Makeup 1Addiction Spring 2011 Makeup 1Addiction Spring Summer 2011 Base Makeup 2

Addiction will release its spring/summer 2011 base makeup collection in

Japan on February 11th. The collection features:

 - Glow Powder Foundation (above, 5 shades, SPF 15, PA++)

- Primer Glow (SPF 20, PA++)

Plus, Addiction’s official website has been updated with information on the brand’s spring 2011 Out of Africa makeup collection.



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Film   Elle Fanning

By Lauren Tabach-Bank
Photography Steven Pan

 The inimitable Elle Fanning—actress, seventh-grader, ballerina, thrift-store maven, baby sister of Dakota, and possessor of her own bathroom (almost, finally!)—is ready for her close-up

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演員︰Steve Buscemi、Kelly Macdonald



榮獲金球獎最佳戲劇類影集、最佳戲劇類影集男主角,以及最佳電視電影、迷你影集或影集女配角等三項提名的HBO最新原創自製影集《海濱帝國》(BOARDWALK EMPIRE),即將在1月6日(星期四)晚間9點於HBO頻道播映,一次將播出兩集。本片由「黑道家族」金獎編劇(艾美獎) 泰倫斯溫特以及奧斯卡金獎導演馬丁史柯西斯聯袂打造。並由時人雜誌(PEOPLE magazine)評為年度”絕對不可錯過”之精彩影集。


被公認為是海濱帝國統治者以及城裡財務主管的Nucky(Steve Buscemi飾),其交際手腕高明,遊走於黑白兩道之間無往而不利,而這位胸懷大志的海濱帝國邪惡領導者,趁著禁酒令的頒布之際,憤而鋌而走險開始販售私酒,準備藉此大撈一筆。然而大丈夫也有柔情的一面,當他遇上遭遇家暴的瑪格麗特(Kelly Macdonald飾),卻情不自禁地想伸出援手幫助她。

《海濱帝國》(BOARDWALK EMPIRE)將帶領觀眾回到1920年,集光明與黑暗於一身的大西洋城,回到那個最輝煌卻也最邪惡的年代。 

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